Feel at peace again

Yoga For stress & anxiety

In this workshop you will learn to how to discover where tension is being stored throughout your mind and body. We will give you the skills to recognise tension and give you the skills and techniques to alleviate it. This will be worked out based on known Yogic tension holding centres. Our bodies carry tension and anxiety within them and if you are not aware of how to alleviate it, the tension remains and embeds itself in these centres. All 5 areas are worked through thoroughly by way of simple Asanas, Pranayama and deep relaxation techniques. Basic diet tips are included to maintain good general health.


For maximum effectiveness, I try to have minimum of 6 people before running this class. It is ideal for workplaces and groups.


Deep Relaxation Techniques

In my de-stress and anxiety classes you’ll learn a number of skills to help you relax and feel at ease.

Yoga Nidra

Physical Emotional Locations

Recognising Triggers

Influence of Pranayama

Different Breath Techniques

Basic Nutrition

Group Yoga Coaching

$20 / Person

With small class sizes, you will receive individualised attention.

Private Yoga Coaching

From $80 / Hour

One-on-one sessions focusing on your goals for the best results

Book 3 Private Sessions & Receive a 10% Discount